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What are the measures to prevent gear failure?

2020-12-17 08:33:49

The measures to prevent gear failure are to select the appropriate gear data. The gear is a part of power transmission and works under alternating load, so the gear data should have certain touch fatigue strength and zigzag fatigue strength. There is a large sliding friction on the tooth surface during gear transmission, which requires the gear data to have enough hardness and wear resistance. In addition, the selected material should have a certain impact toughness, and meet the requirements of small heat treatment deformation and good cutting function. The push gear of WK-4 excavator is cast steel, which has coarse grain and poor processing function. Therefore, it is better to select carbon steel with carbon content of 0.15-0.6 and forge blank. After forging and upsetting, the internal arrangement forms favorable forging pattern, and then improves the strength of the gear.

To improve the planning and manufacturing accuracy of gears, in order to improve the bending strength of teeth, the modulus of gears can be increased. After improvement on the basis of WK-4 excavator, the modulus of WK-4A pushing gear and rack is increased from 24 to 27, which improves the strength of gears and greatly reduces the phenomenon of broken teeth. In addition, it is necessary to improve the manufacturing accuracy of the gear as much as possible, add its surface roughness, grind the root of the tooth, reduce the stress concentration formed by the machining tool mark, and leave enough transition circle to reduce the stress concentration.


In order to prevent motion migraine, it is necessary to reduce the device migraine degree of table indexing worm gear. In addition, the cutter should be selected correctly to make its accuracy and device accuracy meet the requirements. The meshing process of parallel shaft helical gear is from one end face to meshing, and gradually transition to another end face separation. Its touch is a sudden change process from point to line and then from straight line to point. Moreover, each instantaneous touch line along the tooth width is not on the same cylindrical surface, which is insensitive to the error of the gear, large coincidence degree and good contact condition of the tooth surface, so the transmission is stable, the bearing capacity is high and the impact is good The impact, oscillation and noise are small. Therefore, helical gear can be used instead of spur gear to improve its transmission stability.

Reasonable heat treatment should be done for gears. In the process of gear processing, two kinds of heat treatment procedures should be carried out according to different intentions. Correct operation, careful protection and maintenance of excavator gear service life to a large extent also related to the operator's technology. For the disordered rock mass, the operator should grasp the use of appropriate shaft thrust, push, walk, reverse, improve should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures of the correct and reasonable operation; strict implementation of the excavator protection rules, so that the gear can be timely maintenance; gear repair, replacement must strictly abide by the technical specifications of equipment, to ensure its maintenance quality, together with the operator should strengthen the daily point Inspection and technical personnel full-time spot inspection work, improve the level of maintenance technology, achieve scientific management, reasonable use.

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