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How to change gear oil for rotary motor reducer?

2020-12-17 08:33:57

Oil change time: after the oil change cycle is reached, the new gear oil must be replaced. After the excavator stops working for half an hour, the gear oil is at the bottom of the reducer, and the oil temperature is not too high or too low. The old oil can be drained as much as possible. After the old oil is drained, tighten the oil drain screw, and then add new gear oil from the gear oil filling port. Pay attention to the adjustment at this moment Check the travel scale to avoid too little or too much gear oil.

How to fill and replace gear oil for traveling motor reducer?

Before parking, it can support unilateral walking in sequence to make the driving wheel rotate to the position suitable for refueling (generally, there are English signs on the driving wheel, just stop it in English).

The next step is to drain the oil

Because the oil temperature is not completely lowered at the moment, there is high temperature and high pressure gear oil in the reducer. Directly unscrewing the oil drain bolt at the bottom may cause the oil spray to be dangerous. Therefore, the three bolts can be unscrewed from top to bottom in order to operate better and clean the old oil.


Before unscrewing an oil drain bolt at the bottom, put the wash basin under the reducer to receive oil. The discharged old oil can be sold to the old oil recovery mechanism and will not pollute the environment.

After the old oil is discharged, tighten the oil drain bolt at the bottom and add oil from the gear oil filling hole at the top. For large excavation, a hole can be dug in the middle of the mineral water bottle for filling.

As for some small digs, because the gear oil filling hole is relatively small and the mineral water bottle can not be plugged in, this kind of oil funnel can be selected for filling. The lower part of the funnel is a hose. When the gear oil overflows from the middle investigation hole, it means that the liquid level reaches the extra value at the moment, and all bolts can be tightened.

Some drive motor reducers have two bolts and some drive motor reducers have three bolts. The middle hole of the two bolts is responsible for refueling and investigation. When filling gear oil, the oil overflows from the oil filling hole, which means the extra oil level is reached.

Three extension seven, daily inspection and maintenance is very important. As the lubricating medium of excavator traveling and rotary reducer, gear oil plays an important role. Timely inspection, supplement and replacement of gear oil, to avoid walking and rotating failure of excavator in the working process, can make your excavator longer life.

Source: gear of Jiangmen excavator http://www.hx-machinery.cn/

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