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Jiangmen excavator gear tells you how to install bearings?

2020-12-17 08:33:57

The equipment and disassembly method of excavator gear bearing shall be determined according to the structure, size and cooperation with bearing parts of excavator.

How to install the gear bearing of excavator?

(1) the gear shifting equipment is not adjusted properly. If the mechanical manual shifting method is adopted for the transmission of the excavator, if the shift lever, vertical axis, horizontal axis and vertical fixing screws are loose, the transmission can also jump;. Wear of variable speed transmission structure

(2) the external load changes suddenly

Due to the working nature of the excavator and the bearing of the excavator

Due to planning reasons, sudden changes in external load will also cause the transmission to shift;. When the road surface is uneven, the excavator is going downhill or the road route is improper, the external load suddenly changes. The sudden change of the load will affect the gear meshing gear of the transmission through the effect of wheel and transmission shaft, and the gear meshing gear will be disengaged due to the axial thrust, and the transmission will trip;. The function of self-locking tissue decreased


(3) the transmission organization of shift equipment of excavator is realized by axial movement of sliding gear sleeve on fixed gear sleeve and meshing with driven gear of each gear. In the process of frequent shifting, the tooth end face of each meshing gear is easily ground into a cone, resulting in the reduction of its meshing function, which leads to the & quot; skip gear & quot;.

(4) in order to prevent the transmission from jumping, steel balls and tension springs with self-locking effect are installed in the box cover holes above the shift fork shafts of gears II, III, IV and V, and in the shift forks of gears I and reverse. When the elasticity of the tension spring with positioning and self-locking effect weakens or breaks, the self-locking function of the self-locking organization will decline until it disappears, resulting in the transmission jumping;. Together, if the locating steel ball or groove on the fork shaft is worn, the transmission can also trip;.

(5) improper operation method, if the excavator moves on the slope (especially downhill), if the operation is not proper, the transmission will trip;.

Source: gear of Jiangmen excavator http://www.hx-machinery.cn/

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