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How to maintain gear parts of Jiangmen excavator?

2020-12-17 08:35:55

The rotary table of excavator accessories plays an important role in the daily work, because the bad working environment or improper operation of the excavator will cause a series of failures of the rotary table, such as wear aggravation, abnormal noise, oil seal replacement and so on. When encountering these problems, first of all, open the cover plate around the boom mounting base, and investigate the amount of grease in the big gear ring and the wear condition of the gear ring. Because of the high repair cost of the excavator accessories and the disorderly replacement process, it is recommended that the excavation friends do a good job of protection on weekdays.

1. Avoid hard object impact

Hard stones or debris fall into the big gear ring of excavator accessories, which is easy to form wear and notch of gear ring.

2. Reduce slope action

The large gear ring is often rotated on the slope due to uneven stress and severe wear on one side, resulting in falling.

3. Avoid long-term operation in water

If you work in the river, mud and other places where there is a lot of water, and the large rotary table is immersed in water for a long time, the iron on the gear ring of excavator accessories will simply fall off, which will eventually lead to abnormal rotary noise, and even worse, the gear ring can not work normally.


4. Old cars

If the gear ring of the rotary table is worn down, the service life of the gear ring will be affected by rain water.

5. Lack of lubricating oil

The grease lubrication of the large rotating gear ring is not in place, which will aggravate the wear of the gear ring. The grease fitting at the bearing of the rotary motor reducer is usually filled with grease every 500 hours. If the grease overflows from the relief valve of the excavator accessories, the filling can be stopped. If too much grease is injected, the oil seal will be damaged and the grease will leak. At this moment, the oil seal should be replaced in time.

The new year is coming. I believe most of the diggers have gone home to have a rest. Is your excavator well maintained? Or just throw it aside? Excavator accessories small editor friendly tips: Excavator long-term non operation should do some maintenance, so that the next year to "do not fall off the chain.".

Source: gear of Jiangmen excavator http://www.hx-machinery.cn/

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