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  • Working principle of gear pump brake valve

    (1) when the valve control lever is neutral, the oil pressure at port P is equal to that at port R. When the oil pressure of port P increases, the pressure area of plunger, the pressure of port P, the elasticity of tension spring and the pressure of chamber G are balanced, so the valve starts to operate. When the piston moves, the pressure of chamber g changes, so the safety pressure is affected by the tension spring and piston. Because the piston moves, the safety pressure increases from P1 to P, and the pressure (P2) and tension spring force change accordingly. (2) with the increase of valve pressure, when the pressure of P port increases, the oil pressure will be generated in chamber g, which will balance the force of tension spring and pressure (PA)


  • Methods of waterproof scale for gear fittings of excavator

    We should all have seen excavators, so do you know how to prevent the scale of excavator accessories? Today, we specially invited modern excavator accessories manufacturers to tell us the methods of modern excavator accessories anti scaling. Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look! (1) magnetize the water quality. Some small magnets are placed in the engine structure system. The magnetic field generated by these magnets magnetizes the cooling water. The magnetized water can reduce the scale composition and make the original scale disappear gradually. (2) using the softening characteristics of boiling water. The water will become soft after boiling, and it will be added into the cooling system to reduce the water


  • How to maintain gear parts of Jiangmen excavator?

    The rotary table of excavator accessories plays an important role in the daily work, because the bad working environment or improper operation of the excavator will cause a series of failures of the rotary table, such as wear aggravation, abnormal noise, oil seal replacement and so on. When encountering these problems, first of all, open the cover plate around the boom mounting base, and investigate the amount of grease in the big gear ring and the wear condition of the gear ring. Because of the high repair cost of the excavator accessories and the disorderly replacement process, it is recommended that the excavation friends do a good job of protection on weekdays. 1. Avoid hard objects impacting hard stones or debris falling into the big gear ring of excavator accessories, which is easy to form teeth


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