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  • What are the measures to prevent gear failure?

    The measures to prevent gear failure are to select the appropriate gear data. The gear is a part of power transmission and works under alternating load, so the gear data should have certain touch fatigue strength and zigzag fatigue strength. There is a large sliding friction on the tooth surface during gear transmission, which requires the gear data to have enough hardness and wear resistance. In addition, the selected material should have a certain impact toughness, and meet the requirements of small heat treatment deformation and good cutting function. The push gear of WK-4 excavator is cast steel, which has coarse grain and poor processing function. Therefore, it is better to select carbon steel with carbon content of 0.15-0.6, and adopt forged wool


  • Working principle of gear pump

    The inlet oil is filled in the rotating gear groove and extruded along the inner surface of the casing to the outside of the gear. The oil between the output side and the suction side can only be discharged when the two gears are meshed. The output pressure is set at 5.2kpa, and the compressed oil is delivered to the main pump and pilot circuit. 1. Structure and principle of rotary motor assembly (1) structure of rotary motor assembly the rotary motor assembly includes valve cover part, rotary motor part and rotary reduction gear part. The valve cover part includes rotary parking brake, crossover valve and auxiliary valve. The structure of the rotary motor assembly is shown in Fig. 2-42. The rotary motor is a swashplate


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