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  • Jiangmen excavator gear tells you how to install bearings?

    The equipment and disassembly method of excavator gear bearing shall be determined according to the structure, size and cooperation with bearing parts of excavator. How to install the gear bearing of excavator? (1) the shift equipment is not adjusted properly. If the mechanical manual shifting method is selected for the transmission of this type of excavator, if the shift lever, vertical axis, horizontal axis and vertical fixing screws are loose, the transmission can also jump;. The external load suddenly changed due to the working nature of the excavator and the planning of the bearing body of the excavator


  • How to change gear oil for rotary motor reducer?

    Oil change time: after the oil change cycle is reached, the new gear oil must be replaced. After the excavator stops working for half an hour, the gear oil is at the bottom of the reducer, and the oil temperature is not too high or too low. The old oil can be drained as much as possible. After the old oil is drained, tighten the oil drain screw, and then add new gear oil from the gear oil filling port. Pay attention to the adjustment at this moment Check the travel scale to avoid too little or too much gear oil. How to fill and replace gear oil for traveling motor reducer? Before parking, it can support unilateral walking in order to make the driving wheel turn to the position suitable for refueling(


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